​Ixchel Pharma develops novel small-molecules that ameliorate orphan mitochondrial diseases, including Friedreich's ataxia and Leigh Syndrome. Our patented prodrug technology delivers bioactive monomethyl fumarate molecules with superior pharmacokinetics (PK) to other marketed prodrugs. The superior PK of our molecules underlies their greater pharmacodynamic potency to ameliorate mitochondrial diseases. The Mechanism of Action of our  IXC-109 suggests it is a 'platform' drug, which could treat multiple mitochondrial diseases. Ixchel has composition of matter IP on molecules that are demonstrably more effective for mitochondrial disease than market competitors, and because of the safety of delivered molecules IXC-109 has an accelerated regulatory path. 

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Gino Cortopassi

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Bringing mitochondrial research to life

​We are devoted to developing drugs that treat orphan mitochondrial diseases.

Licensing Opportunities

​Ixchel seeks licensees and partners with interest in orphan mitochondrial disease. We are familiar with the clinical trial designs adaptable to orphan mitochondrial disease, thus expediting future development efforts.